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Thank you and Welcome to our web site 

Totally two people started this web site and  both of them are technical specialists and working in Information Technology Companies.

About Me! I’m Rakesh an IT Security Engineer working for a Germany base company as a full time Employee. Part time i am a Blog Designer based on Bihar, India.

Basically I am a B.Tech Computer Science holder from JNTU Hyderabad with First Class back in 2010.
 Mostly living in Hyderabad and occasionally travels Europe and USA regions.

I started  blogging in some where around 2015 and started taking interest in blogging by thoroughly reading many articles related to blogging help, tutorial, widgets and online resources. 

We have helped many people for doing better things on Blogger platform, SEO, Traffic, Widgets, Quality Premium Templates.

First of all, this blog/website  is not for anyone looking for quick fixes, get rich quick or anyone looking for magical “Secrets”. This is for people who would like to work smart, take action and learn some cool stuff.
So here are some of the reasons how our site can help you and hope you’ll find this site is very useful.

  •     Build a profitable blog
  •     attract traffic to your blog
  •     convert visitors into money
  •     SEO that works

Hopefully by reading this blog you will be inspired to develop a love of learning and you will find all the information that we present to be really valuable. Going forward there are so many more that you will see through this site.

 My Friend Subba T works as Windows Specialist based in Singapore and also works part time in design platform.

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